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Our philosophy

It's simple ... we are here for the client.

We do not make grand promises to get your business. We do not make grand promises about the results we can get you just to get you through the door.


Here is what we actually do: Give you an honest, researched assessment of your case, then we advocate zealously and aggressively on your behalf. There is an old axiom in the practice of law that says that the attorney is the client's champion. We believe that philosophy.


Clients come to us with a problem that needs to be solved or an issue they need handled, and we do. Our number one goal in any case we handle is client satisfaction. We keep you informed on developments in your case, we work diligently to make sure your rights are protected, and advocate aggressively to meet those ends.


Our coverage area includes the counties of Oceana, Newaygo, Mason, Lake, Mecosta, Osceola, Kent, Muskegon, Wexford, Ottawa and Montcalm.

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